SAP Payment Application

SAPficoSAP payment application is  a system that forms open invoice requests for payment in creditor’s accounts, that submits requests to the approval  in intragroup approval hierarchy,that offsets client account if creditor’s  client account exists, that makes forward maturity analysis till 8 weeks, that provides to be done of operational transactions such as preparing instruction  and accounting(offsetting included) automatically.

Basic specifications of NetBt SAP Payment application is as the following
  • User-friendly interface, fast and easy usage
  • Payment request can be done via deducted invoice item by doing virtual offsetting even if offsetting via creditor hasn’t been done
  • Seperate management for branch offices and worksites. Branch offices and worksites are able to follow their invoices via same current code
  • Payment requests on the basis of invoice and partial payment can be done, new maturity can be determined for remainder invoice amount in partial payments
  • Payment requests on the basis of document and national currency can be done.
    Blockage can be put seperately for invoice or current account that won’t be payed
  • Payment can be blockaged via these amounts by taking in consideration of assignments and advance transactions
  • Payment requests can be approved for intradepartment approval(ex:Purchasing department) and finance department with seperate approval hierarchy
  • Instructions can be prepared via system, invoices that has been approved by finance department are being last approval
    Instruction texts have overhaul screens that can be changed continously(Instruction texts aren’t being written in codes.)
  • Instruction can be prepared for. not only payment orders but also personnel advances inter accounts transferring, fees, tax payments transactions from the instruction screen
  • A tracking number is given for every instruction, accounting screen exists for pressed invoices of instruction. In accounting process creditors’ invoices are being offset.