e-Account Statement

ehesapService is installed between bank and SAP system; your bank account details are (Securely) read with HTTPS connection directly within SAP and transmitted to SAP.

End to remembering user name and password
  • Offers easy adaptation with user friendly screens.
  • You will not have to remember separate user names and passwords for each bank.
  • Enables you access data fast, reliably and easily.
  • You will save time without allocating separate time slices for each bank.
  • With data updated any moment, you will transact with correct data.
  • You easily review your accounts contained within SAP.
  • Allows comparing bank and SAP balances.
  • Allows Online Viewing and Recognition.
  • Records are automatically recognized and managed in agreement with bank any moment and in a swift manner.
  • Banks with which we have agreements increase with each passing day.
  • Works fully integrated with SAP.
  • You can view your bank account details with web service and portal options for Non – SAP organizations.