earsive-Archive Application which entered into force with Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué Serial No. 433 is an application that covers creation electronically, storage, submission and reporting electronically of invoices in conformity with standards designated by Revenue Administration.

A taxpayer who wishes to utilize e-Archive Application must be registered to e-Invoice application first.

Are you an e-Archieve Taxpayer?

– A taxpayer that sells products/services online with gross sales revenue amounting to TRY 5 Million in income statement of 2014 and over must switch to e-Archive application no later than 01/01/2016.

– A taxpayer who obtained authorization for creating and storing invoices electronically under EFKS (Electronic Invoice Registration System) must render their invoicing processes and information processing systems in conformity with principles and procedures contained at RA communiqué by year end 2014.

If you, too an e-Archive taxpayer we would like to introduce you to our NetBT | e-Archive solution which relieves you of hardcopy invoice burden and offer infrastructure suitable for electronic audit.

Fast, accessible and cost-free archiving with assurance from NetBTB

e-Archive special integrator NetBT can send invoices bearing financial seal and signature to end user in PDF format in e-Archive application. Sending invoices in PDF format enables end users to swiftly open and easily read files.

5 reasons for switching to e-Archieve:
  • Performance of your accounting processes accelerates and saves time.
  • Supervision and follow-up of invoices in electronic medium gets easier.
  • Archiving cost falls.
  • Costs for printing hardcopy invoices and sending them are completely eliminated.
  • Greener living space