fioriFiori, new interface of SAP, is a library established on SAPUI5; JavaScript and HTML5 technology, operated by client and customized for SAP. Flexibility and easy improvability brought by SAPUI5 and existing customer-driven approach of SAP and strong aspects where support is on forefront are merged.

Fiori U15 Scanner Support
  • Extensive visual diagram options at desktop and mobile applications
  • Capability of integrating application developed to all SAP platforms
  • Lasting usability with data integration
  • Controls that can be adapted to special requests swiftly
  • Modern theme and interfaces
  • Using at different devices and platforms, ensuring continuity
  • Increasing user productivity with simple and plain interface
  • Reducing costs
  • Access to ERP, CRM and HR from a single screen and from everywhere
  • Activity entries
  • Payroll viewing
  • Travel expense approval
  • Sales order follow-up
  • Carriage follow-up
  • Creating purchase orders