Mobile Applications

mobil-gelistirmeBlending sectoral experience with mobile applications, NetBT manufactures IOS and Android that are specific to and create added value for firms. In each project realized by NetBT, designs that would also satisfy future needs of firms are made, it is aimed that investment returns as soon as possible. NetBT ensures that its applications are easily integrated to companies in a short period of time with special mobile solutions prepared for organizations; moreover it assists companies to gain competitive edge at their respective sectors, increases productivities and reduces costs by means of solutions and services offered.

  • Easy, practical administrative functions
  • Platforms ready for corporate utilization in very short period of time
  • Configured applications
  • User friendly screens for end users
  • Reliable and flexible configurations in business processes
  • Appropriate infrastructure for fast and excellent process follow-up
  • Firm specific and permanent designs
  • Data integration with an effective and productive R&D process