e-İmzaIt is an electronic datum added to electronic data and used for the purpose of authentication. Like original signature, electronic signature also proves whether signature datum added to any electronic document is that of yours.

  • e-Signature has same legal validity with signature affixed by hand.
  • It shows in electronic transactions that information sent is not changed and it belongs to the sender.
  • e-Signature guarantees undeniability.
Guarantees authenticity of personal particulars..

Electronic Signature Law no. 5070 provided great opportunity for execution of transactions executed in paper medium in electronic medium reliably and in a manner bearing legal consequences. Therefore, in order to save time, money and labor, you can transfer your personal or corporate businesses to electronic medium. With electronic signature and mobile signature integrations, you can free your company from slow approval processes; gain your company speed and mobility.

e-Signature formats supported:

  • XAdES
  • CMS
  • PDF

Some processes you can execute with E-Signature:

  • Permission forms approval process
  • Approval processes related to payment instructions
  • Work orders
  • Purchase approval processes