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The procedures and principles regarding the declaration and collection of the recycling contribution fee to be paid for all products included in the “Recycling Participation Share Declaration” published by the Revenue Administration in the Official Gazette dated 04 April 2019. It was emphasized that the application, which was started on 01.01.2020, will be declared every six months in 2020 and every three months for the following years. With the GEKAP declaration, it has become obligatory to submit a participation share declaration for all kinds of packaging produced by companies. NetBT GEKAP module prevents companies from making under or over-declarations by making calculations of packages, boxes and bottles of different sizes, sizes and weights as required to be included in the declaration at the touch of a button. It increases efficiency by providing reports about the packages produced or consumed not only at the end of the period but at any time.

What are he features?

  • Provides fast and safe use.
  • It calculates how much all the materials to be included in the declaration that arise from your sales and imports have been spent with a single click.
  • It collects your cardboard expenses of different sizes and converts them into kilograms as required to be included in the declaration.
  • Within minutes, it provides you with the GEKAP statement that you will obtain as a result of working days.
  • Thanks to its easy-to-use structure, new materials can be added to reports after the live transition.
  • It allows you to follow the report of your obligation to pay until that time without waiting for the end of the term.

Products in the Scope of GEKAP

lastik ikon
ambalaj ikon
ilaç ikon
madeni yağ ikon
Vegetable and Mineral Oil
GEKAP Elektronik eşya
Electrical and Electronic Equipment
akümülatör ikon
Battery and Accumulator

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