efaturae-Invoice, adopted in Turkey with Tax Procedure Law (TPL) item no. 397 and in place since 5 March 2010, is an electronic document containing information that should be set out on an invoice as per TPL, data format and standard of which are designated by Revenue Administration, transmission between buyer and seller is carried out via a central platform (RA).

e-Invoice is not a new document type, it has same legal qualities with hardcopy invoices. The purpose in e-invoice practice managed y Revenue Administration is creating a secure system providing time and cost saving between buyer and seller according to a single format and standard.

Prepare your company for the future with NetBT | e-Invoice solution functioning free of ERP.

NetBT ensures with e-Invoice solution it offers that organizations switch to e-Invoice system in a short time in conformity with Ministry of Finance standards.

NetBT that took the title “e-Invoice Special Integrator” from Revenue Administration eliminates information processing requirement of firms which wish to switch to e-invoice. Relationships between Revenue Administration (RA) and organizations are managed from a single hand and they can use e-Invoice system with NetBT assurance. Further, organizations do not have to take care of transactions like legal compliance, update, and legislation follow-up.

Advantages Offered by NetBT | e-Invoice while Invoices Become Smart
  • It works fully integrated with SAP ERP and offers opportunity of recognition, it can also work with Non-SAP systems like Mikro, Logo, AS-400, Netsis without any problems.
  • Expenses like posting, archiving, and notary public certification cost disappear with e-Invoice.
  • Less paper... More trees... Cut down of hundreds of thousands of trees is prevented every year.
  • Unnecessary sourcing is precluded and expenses in invoicing transactions are reduced.
  • It transfers instant information with user friendly interface about status of outgoing/ incoming invoices.
  • It automatises process of legal notification to RA.
  • It draws data automatically from ERP systems and sends to e-Invoice system to be forwarded to clients.
  • It is effective for reducing invoice processing costs.
  • For suppliers, it makes invoice transactions easier with extensive networks of vendors.
  • It offers simple and functional interfaces for users to be able to keep track of invoicing transactions both within SAP and on the basis of portals.
  • Automatizing main data management periodically with web services, it can draw companies which fall under the scope of e-Invoice.
  • It ensures that e-Invoices are sent automatically on the basis of customer or company.
  • Informing can be made on the basis of user, group or role with e-mail notifications.
  • It allows access to invoices processed and archived in ERP system via portal provided and viewing such invoices in hardcopy form.
  • Makes sure if invoices issued will be under the scope of e-invoice with main data integration and it makes faultless invoice transmission.
  • All statuses related to e-Invoice process are logged and indicated with reports.
  • It allows the ability to keep invoice data in their own original format.
  • Opportunity of instant, fast and reliable access to invoices is provided.
  • Performance increase is ensured, error rates fall.