What is e-Ledger?

E-Ledger is the opportunity to prepare the ledgers that are obligatory to be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Commercial Code in electronic file format in accordance with the format and standards announced on this site, to be recorded without printing, to guarantee the integrity, integrity and accuracy of the source and to be used as a means of proof before the concerned parties. It is a set of legal and technical regulations aimed at recognition. Institutions that switch to the e-invoice system must switch to the electronic ledger application as of January 2015.

What are the features?

Lower cost

Provides less resource usage.

Up-to-date information flow in accordance with legal regulations

With its structure created in accordance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, it is constantly updated according to the changing legislation.

Making legal processes easier

It facilitates all legal notification processes to be made to the Revenue Administration.

Minimizing the margin of error

Increasing performance and decreasing margin of error in business processes is ensured.

Easy and fast integration

It is designed to be easily and quickly integrated into SAP or ERP systems.

Compatible file format

It provides the opportunity to keep the book data digitally in its original format.

Creating different file formats

In accordance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, Journal of the Journal, the Journal of the Journal, the General Ledger and the Book of General Charter files are prepared.

Easy access to files

Easily access and view certificates, details and other files from the archive.

User friendly

It helps to prepare files easily with its user-friendly design and interface.

Experienced team work

It is offered on turnkey basis with its secure system structure. Your processes are managed with corporate experience and reliable team.

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