Within the customer, NetBT e-Accounting Receipt Module approves electronic accounting slips by automatically signing them with a single button, and allows them to be stored and submitted electronically. The module, which works in full integration with SAP, performs the operations of signing the collection, payment and deduction slips in accordance with the notifications of the Revenue Administration and storing them in customer servers for submission when requested.

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What are the features?

Provides cost and time savings as there is no need to print.

It provides the convenience of signing one by one or collectively signing the receipts with the same date.

It ensures the preservation and presentation of the receipts in accordance with the specified standard document formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can accounting slip be signed collectively?

One by one or the same dated slips can be signed collectively.

Are the Electronic Accounting Slip application and the e-Ledger application in the same scope?

Yes. Electronic Accounting Slip is the creation and storage of each receipt registered in the Accounting application electronically in the file format requested by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, with electronic signature and time stamp. The E-Ledger application covers the processes of classifying these accounting slips in different structures, gathering them in the form of Daily and General Ledger, creating the certificates and sending them to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance system.

Do electronic accounting slips have to have a time stamp?

All receipts must have a time stamp.

Do slips have to be signed with QEC and Financial Seal?

Yes. All receipts must have a financial seal and QEC.

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