What is VAT Refund Declaration?

VAT rates determine the added value added at each stage in the period from the first production to the last consumption of the good. Companies pay VAT difference according to the profits from sales. However, VAT is actually a type of tax paid by the end user. The user or consumer of a product pays VAT of that product. Taxes overpaid due to such reasons are returned to the relevant persons or organizations in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the Ministry of Finance.

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What are the System Features?

  • Preparation of VAT return reports such as VAT to be deducted, VAT to be loaded and the list of sales invoices
  • Managing all calculations and reports within SAP
  • Preparing reports taking into account expenses and economic values subject to depreciation
  • Automatic generation of reports in excel format upon IOP request

What are the Advantages Provided?

  • Preparing the relevant reports instantly and automatically with one click
  • Creating the most accurate return report with the least cost
  • Fast processing ease
  • Quick access to the past period reports from within the system
  • Matching the VAT rates within the goods receipt, ancillary costs and production costs with the FIFO logic of the product sold.
  • Ability to report on which items the VAT amount to be returned is due to the sales order by analyzing the goods receipt movement and ancillary costs with detailed reporting
  • Other Reports; Calculated VAT List, Deductible VAT List, Discounted Rate Report

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