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What is Online DDS?

The DDS System is a fast and guaranteed cash management service that allows companies with a wide customer network to automatically collect invoices for transactions from dealers or customers to whom they sell goods and services.

You can visit our e-Payment system too.

What are features of Online DDS?

  • You can integrate it into any desired bank.
  • You can save any number of collection transactions to the system with a single transfer transaction.
  • You can collect invoices in Turkish Lira and / or all convertible currency types.
  • With the decrease in the use of Money Order / Check / Note / Letter of Guarantee, you save on operational costs.
  • By knowing the collection terms in advance, you can easily follow up with the cash flow report.
  • You can send, update or cancel your invoices online without getting into the username / password confusion.
  • You do not have to upload / download files, you can inquire about your billing information and customer limits online.
  • Since the overdraft account of the dealers registered in the system can be tracked by you, you can follow the financial structure of the dealers.
  • Since the invoices to be issued by the company and the payments to be made by the customers are instantly reflected in the DBS System, you can follow the limit updates instantly.

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