What is e-WayBill?

In order to monitor the movement of goods in an electronic environment regularly; It is the regulation regarding the issuance of the ``delivery note`` document, which is currently being issued on paper, electronically as an electronic document, its transmission to its recipient in electronic form, and its storage and submission in electronic environment.

Advantages of e-Waybill

  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to print and store / archive
  • No risk of getting lost during transportation
  • You can create new waybills or view old waybills whenever you want
  • Safe so it prevents abuse
  • Speed dial, access and transmission feature
  • It contains all the information that should be included in the Paper Waybill
  • Has the same legal qualifications as the Waybill document
  • Only e-Waybill can be created between companies registered in the system (such as e-Invoice)
  • Saves money by reducing the cost of items such as paper and printing

Legal Obligations

  •  Manufacture, import, delivery, etc. of the goods in the list number I attached to the SCT Law No. 4760, dated 6/6/2002. taxpayers who obtain a license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) due to their activities.
  • Those who manufacture, construct and import the goods in the list (III) attached to the Special Consumption Tax Law numbered 4760.
  • Mine operation license holders and those who produce mines by contract with these persons
  • Sugar manufacturers
  • Iron and steel producers, producers whose code GTIP72 / GTIP73 in the customs tariff schedule.
  • Users registered in the fertilizer tracking system.
  • e-Invoice taxpayers with a gross sales revenue of 25 million TL or more.
  • Those who trade fruit and vegetables as brokers or merchants.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions About e-Waybill Application Guide

For whom and when will the e-Waybill be compulsory? Can issued waybill cancel?

It will be mandatory for those taxpayers who are registered in the e-Invoice application and whose gross sales revenue is 25 Million TL and in 2018 or following accounting periods. 01/07/2020 will be mandatory.

It is not possible to cancel the e-Waybill document. However, before the actual shipment of the goods, if the content of the goods or the buyer is determined to be faulty, the buyer can give a “rejection” response with the entire contents of the e-Waybill.

Which types of waybill can be issued electronically? When does the e-Waybill need to be created?

Only the dispatch note issued will be created electronically. The e-Waybill must be prepared before the goods are issued and successfully sent to the RA systems.

What information will be on the e-Waybill and can a forward dated e-Waybill be issued?

All information on the printed waybill will also be included in the e-Waybill. You can also add any additional information you want to the e-delivery note.

Yes, you can create a forward dated e-Waybill. The previous date cannot be issued, except in exceptional circumstances.

How will e-Waybill be arranged between chain delivery and branches? Is it necessary to issue an e-Waybill for sample products?

Within the scope of e-Waybill application, e-Waybill can also be issued for deliveries between chain and branches. In the e-Waybills to be issued within the scope of the application, it is possible to show the parties acting on behalf of the buyer and seller other than the buyer and seller on the document.

Yes, e-Waybill must be prepared.

Is an e-Waybill issued if invoice is issued and delivery of goods occurs simultaneously? If an invoice is issued during the delivery of the goods, is it necessary to issue an additional e-Waybill?

In such cases, there is no need to issue an e-Waybill again. It is sufficient to have the phrase “replaces the delivery note” on the paper printout of the e-Invoice or e-Archive Invoice.

Can the paper printout of the e-Waybill be used as a delivery / receipt document? Should the output be present in the vehicle in the actual shipment of the goods?

Yes, you can use it as a delivery / receipt document for the actual delivery of the goods. This document becomes an e-Waybill document bearing the signature on both sides of the document.

No, there is no obligation to print out the paper, but the vehicle attendant who shipped the goods is obliged to submit the e-delivery note electronically (mobile phone or tablet).

Does it have to take the e-Invoice location information on the e-Waybill? Is there a situation of not accepting a dispatch note that is issued?

There is no such requirement, but if an invoice is issued before shipment, you can also include the e-Invoice information on the e-Waybill. Just like the e-Invoice, there is a response document on the e-Waybill. You will be able to respond with “acceptance” in case of full delivery of the goods, “partial acceptance” for incomplete or partially faulty shipments, “rejection” in case of return of the whole goods or incorrect e-Waybill. If no response is returned within 7 days, it will be automatically deemed to be accepted.

How will export shipments be processed within the scope of e-Waybill legislation? Is GTIP number mandatory when we issue e-Waybill for export?

It is obligatory to issue an e-Waybill before the start of the shipment in goods export transactions carried out by taxpayers registered to the e-Waybill Application. A paper printout of the relevant municipality will be kept with the goods. However, following the completion of the necessary integration studies between the Ministry of Commerce and the GİB data processing systems, the dispatch operations can be carried out so that the electronic viewable file of the e-Waybill can be submitted instead of the paper printout.

No, it is not required. Optionally, the elements in the e-Invoice can be added to the e-Waybill.

Can e-Waybill be issued to those who are not registered in the e-Waybill application? Who arranges e-Waybill for the shipment in the logistics center?

Yes, it is mandatory to issue an e-Waybill for all your customers. As in the e-Archive invoice system, e-Waybill will be issued to non-taxpayer customers offline.

The seller or the logistics firm that will ship the goods issues an e-Waybill. If the seller issues an e-waybill; The seller creates an e-Waybill on behalf of the buyer and transmits this information to the logistics company. It carries out the shipment by arranging the transportation waybill in the logistics company. If the logistics firm issues an e-waybill; The logistics company creates an e-delivery note on behalf of the buyer and transmits this information to the seller. It also issues a shipping bill and carries out the shipment.


How is an e-Waybill issued when the company to which the product will be delivered or the quantity of the product is not known?

In such cases, an e-Waybill with the phrase “Miscellaneous Customers” will be issued. After the actual delivery of the goods, it is obligatory to issue an e-Waybill for that shipment.

Is it necessary to issue an e-Waybill while ensuring that some products belonging to my company are sent to other companies for various transactions?

Yes, it is obligatory to prepare an e-Waybill separately both when sending to the other company and during the shipment to your own company, and to write down the transaction for which they were sent (Painting, Repairing, changing parts, etc.).

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