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What is Personnel Expense?

Transportation, food, stationery, fuel etc. belonging to your institution. It is an application that allows your personnel to enter their expenses quickly and easily and automatically account them into your ERP system.

Automated Digital Moving with Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • It provides accounting in accordance with the e-Ledger communiqué and full integration with SAP.
  • It is easy to use via Web / Mobile and SAP.
  • You can approve or reject the forms entered by the users by seeing the expenditures made by the authorized persons responsible for that person.
  • You can enter different types of expense types. (Food, Transportation, Fuel, Accommodation, etc.)
  • You can track your saved forms, past forms, pending noay forms and expense reporting forms.
  • You can see the details of your saved forms, print them, edit them and submit them to your official’s approval.
  • You can request Advance and Travel, save and then link your approved advance or travel requests on your expense forms.
  • You can see the details of your past forms and print them.
  • The authorized user can view the details of the forms waiting for approval, print, edit, approve or reject them.
  • The authorized user can view the details of the approved forms and print them.
  • You can view the reports of Advance and Expense forms separately based on user and date.

Easy to Use in 3 Steps

Creating an Expense Request

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm of NetBT Personnel Expense System transfers the data on the receipt and invoice (document type, document number, date, explanation, amount ...) to your system within seconds.

Chief Approval

If the supervisor wishes, he / she writes a statement and approves some or all of the documents in the expense request. If he wishes, he refuses. In both cases, the employee is sent an information mail.

Finance Approval

After the approval of the chief, it goes to Finance approval. Finance can enter the deadline for receipt of documents before approval. Automatic accounting and reporting is done in finance approval.

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