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What is e-Invoice?

The e-Invoice, which has been in effect since 5 March 2010, is an electronic document whose data format and standard are determined by the Revenue Administration, including the information that should be included in an invoice, and the transmission between the seller and the buyer is carried out through a central platform (RA).
e-Invoice is not a new type of document and has the same legal qualifications as paper invoices. The purpose of the e-invoice application managed by the Revenue Administration is to create a safe, time and cost-saving system between seller and buyer according to a single format and standard.

What is e-Invoice Features?

Extension of Storage Space

It archives all invoices in digital environment instead of allocating space for physical invoices.

Reducing margin of error

Error-free invoices are sent by ensuring with the main data integration whether the issued invoices are within the scope of e-Invoice.

Resetting Expenses

Expenses such as mailing, archiving, notary approval costs are eliminated with e-Invoice.

Knowing No Borders

Regardless of mobile phone, computer, tablet, e-Invoice can be created whenever needed and instantly transmits to customers or dealers.

Nature Conservation

Thanks to the e-Invoice system, it helps to protect the nature by preventing paper printing.

User-friendly Interface

It offers a simple and functional interface for users to follow their invoicing transactions both within SAP and on a portal basis.

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