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What is Merchant Reconciliation?

With the Merchant Reconciliation product, you can view your pos transactions in all banks and automatically account for these records with ERP integration. Moreover, you can get your bank commission reports and forward-looking cash projections with just one click.

All Bank Account Transactions on One Screen!

  • Perfect matching of bank transactions with current account with smart learning ability
  • Instant access to cash flow and cash reserve information in banks
  • Reporting of day-end balances
  • Ability to manage all debit card, credit card and cash payment transactions
  • Commission management of transactions
  • Creating forward-term cash flow status report by comparing transaction dates of all physical or virtual pos transactions with bank value dates
  • Checking the correct reflection of the amount in the pos blocked accounts to the current record
  • Detailed reporting of disputes that may be encountered in commission amounts in pos transactions with the bank
  • Reporting of principal and all commission amounts to be reflected by banks either separately or together

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