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What is Virtual Merchant Integration?

Virtual merchant is a web-based version of physical merchant devices. It is a system that pays only thanks to the relevant information, without the need for the contact of credit cards. All e-shopping with credit cards from e-commerce sites is done through Virtual Merchant. All transactions made with the NetBT Virtual Merchant Application are fully integrated with the ERP system and automatically accounted for.

Virtual merchant integration is a service that enables the communication between the transactions made over the virtual merchant of the sites that provide e-commerce services and the bank from which the service is received.

How to set up Virtual Merchant?

There are several steps to setup a virtual pos, first of all you need to have an SSL security certificate. Then you need to place the products you will sell on your site. You have to wait for a while after you submit your application with documents such as circular of signature, tax plate, photocopy of identity card. If your application is positive, you can install Virtual Merchant. If your application is negative, you can re-apply by reviewing your documents.

How to have Virtual Merchant?

Having a virtual Merchant can sometimes be very difficult and complicated. In order to have a virtual Merchant, you must first fill out the form given to you. Then, if you upload the necessary documents completely, you can have a Virtual Merchant in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Merchant Integration

What is Virtual Merchant?

It is a kind of virtual payment method that enables payments to be made over the Internet. It can be used easily for any company, big or small.

How to get Virtual Merchant?

In order to get a Virtual Merchant, you must first have a company, have various secure certificates, and also have a website.

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