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What Is e-Payment?

e-Payment, which creates open invoice payment requests in the vendor accounts, submits the requests for approval within the group approval hierarchy, digitally forwards the approved requests to the bank, affiliates the customer account if the vendor has a customer account, makes maturity analysis up to 8 weeks, and prepares and accounts for orders (offsets). It is a system that enables automatic operations.

What Are The Advantages Of e-Payment System?

Payment Notification

It sends the payment notification via e-mail to the relevant company, finance manager and persons.

All Files Under Record

It records the outcome files coming from the bank by associating them with the relevant instruction.

Separate Management for Different Units

Branches and construction sites can track their invoices separately on the same current code.

Payment in Different Currency

Creates a payment request in a different currency.

Single Report for All Transactions

It completes payment transactions in a single report without the need for different reports.

High Performance

It provides access to multiple functions with a single application and increases user performance.

What Are The Features Of e-Payment System?

  • Payment can be requested on the basis of national and document currency.
  • A tracking number is given for each order, and an accounting screen is available for the invoices whose orders are printed. In the accounting phase, vendor invoices are balanced.
  • Even if there is no clearing on the vendor, a payment request can be made over the offset invoice item by making a virtual clearing.
  • It offers separate management for branches and construction sites. Invoices are tracked separately on the same current code of branches and construction sites.
  • Partial and invoice-based payment requests can be made, and a new maturity can be determined for the remaining invoice amount in partial payments.
  • A separate blockage can be placed for the current or invoice that will not be paid.
  • Payment requests can be approved with a separate approval hierarchy for approval and finance within the department (eg Purchasing Dpt.), and the person who will give approval can change the payment amount.
  • Invoices approved by Finans are final approvals and instructions are prepared through the system. The instruction texts have constantly changeable maintenance screens (the instruction texts are not written in the code).
  • A tracking number is provided for each instruction. Accounting screen is available for invoices with printed instructions. In the accounting phase, vendor invoices are balanced.
  • From the instruction screen, not only payment instructions, but also personnel advances, transfers between accounts, dues and tax payments can be prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions About e-Payment

What is e-Payment?

Online payments that you can make via debit card, credit card and virtual card are called e-Payment.

What are the e-Payment Types?

E-payment types are divided into three as periodic payment, one-time payment and installment payment.

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