i-Cüzdani-wallet (Signed Wallet) is a system allowing safe and easy use of credit cards with electronic signature.

Online payment facility …

iWallet application is a web based payment interface and service that enables you to make online collections from your customers or dealers. If you wish, you can perform online collection thanks to payment interface of iWallet application, if you wish you can integrate relevant e-commerce, B2B, B2C and ERP applications and thanks to such integrations you can perform online collection through iWallet collection services.

Designate customer based payment authorities…

  • iWallet application can make virtual pos collections of all banks and BKM Express collections.
  • The most significant feature of iWallet is the ability to make collections from a single point by integrating to several e-commerce applications. Thanks to this feature, you can make collections from a single point by integrating all your applications like E-commerce, B2B, B2C with iWallet.
  • From iWallet application management interface, definitions of your Virtual Pos and BKM Express accounts are made and all collections are entered to your bank accounts.
  • iWallet software is a system that enables infrastructure of integration to the bank.
  • After making an agreement between bank and your firm, you can receive collections from your customers via iWallet without using any additional software. You cannot make collections without agreement with bank.


  • Users can shop securely at online stores without giving credit card information. (for users)
  • Users can shop at member stores even if their credit cards are not with them. (for users)
  • Eliminates obligation of carrying credit cards around. (for users)
  • Facilitates credit card management (single PIN code). (for users)
  • One may perform transactions contactless and practically with RFID label. (for users)
  • Shopping approval with his own credit card can be given remotely for any person.
  • Eliminates problem of integration of credit card with shopping for online stores. (for stores)
  • Works with a single software or i-pos device with all banks with whom i-wallet has agreement. (for stores)
  • One avoids separate expenses for each pos device. (for stores)