e-Deftere-Ledger is the total of legal and technical regulations that aim to allow for preparing books required to be kept as per provisions of Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Commercial Code in electronic file format in accordance with format and standards announced at this site, saving without publication, guaranteeing inalterability, integrity and accuracy of resource of and ability to use as evidence before relevant parties. The organizations who switch to E-Invoice system must switch to electronic book practice as of January 2015. This solution prepares Daybook, Daybook Patent, General Ledger and General Ledger Patent files of organizations in the format in conformity with RA standards.

Your Ledgers are in good hands for 10 years with NetBT | e-Ledger solution

NetBT ensures with e-Ledger solution it offers organizations switch to e-Ledger system in a short time in conformity with Ministry of Finance standards. Offering an ERP independent, low cost solution that reduces operational costs, it ensures that resources are utilized more effectively.

Advantages of NetBT | e-Ledger Solution
  • It ensures use of less source.

  • It allows storing book data digitally, in their original formats.

  • Files may be accessed instantly upon request.

  • Constant updating according to modified legislation.

  • Daybook, Daybook Patent, General Ledger and General Ledger Patent files in format in conformity with RA standards are prepared.

  • Patent and detail files can be viewed from archive.

  • It facilitates process of legal notification to RA.

  • It helps you easily prepare files with its user friendly design.

  • It is offered turnkey. Your processes are managed with corporate experience and reliable team.