Personnel Expense

personelThis is an application that allows your ERP system to recognize automatically by fast and easy entrance of transport, food, stationery, fuel etc. personnel expenses of your organization.

  • NetBT Personnel Expense Application ensures recognition in conformity with e-Book communiqué and full integration with SAP.
  • NetBT Personnel Expense Application can be easily used via Web and SAP.
  • Forms entered by users may be viewed by persons in charge of such people; they can approve or reject expenses incurred.
  • You can enter different types of expenses. (Food, Transport, Fuel, Accommodation, etc.)
  • You can follow forms saved, Past forms, forms pending Approval and Expense report forms.
  • You can see detail of forms saved, print, edit or submit them to your official for approval.
  • You can see, print detail of your past forms.
  • Authorized user can see, detail, print, edit, approve or reject forms pending approval.
  • Authorized user can see detail and print approved forms.