emutabakatA system designed to ensure traceability that performs Form B and Current account settlements electronically, ensuring that settlement transactions are performed faster, efficiently, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

Monitor how the process works easily on NetBT | e-Reconciliation system and keep your valuable time.
  • Saves time.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Saves paper.
  • Reduces operation costs.
  • Offers fast and easy use.
  • Offers traceable / scalable infrastructure.
  • Sending Form BA, BS and Current Settlements one by one or more
  • Saving answers to the system
  • Monitoring settlement reports
  • Entering settlements sent to firm into the system
  • Transmission of account statement or associated files of addressees
  • Account statement comparison
  • Works fully integrated with SAP.
With NetBT | e-Settlement, gain your Form B and Current account settlements experience.
  • In NetBT e-Settlement system, you may perform form B and Current Account settlements separately or you can do the two at the same time.
  • Settlements made via e-mail are answered online and works fully integrated with SAP ERP system without need for any additional server installation. There is also automatic send option for those with no answers delivered.
  • There are traceable reporting screens where answer/status entry can be made for settlements made via facsimile and on paper medium.
  • Since SAP reporting and database logic is used entirely as infrastructure, improvements specific to customer directly reflect to e-settlement system.
  • Reporting can be made in the form of transfer, debt/receivable, debt/receivable balance in accordance with Turkish accounting logic.
  • Current account settlement can be made simultaneously up to 5 different currencies over a current. For instance, if one works with a current in three different currencies, namely EUR, USD and GBP, settlement of all of these can be made simultaneously together with TRY equivalents.
  • Texts seen at forms are flexible to be maintained in any language depending on customer wishes.
  • Flexible reporting can be made with settlement history and settlement follow-up report.