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What Is e-Reconciliation?

e-Reconciliation provides reliable and fast control of receivables/payables determined and finalized between companies and business partners in electronic media. It can be used for BA, BS and Current account reconciliations. The e-Reconciliation system is designed to provide traceability, which makes the Form B and Current account reconciliations electronically, and enables the reconciliation transactions to be carried out in a faster, more efficient, cheaper and environmentally friendly manner.

NetBT e-Reconciliation solution comes with SAP integration. The e-Reconciliation system can be used both on SAP and as Non-SAP. In this way, it offers fast solutions for large volume companies.

The e-Reconciliation system, which allows debt and receivable tracking, also has KEP integration. With these solutions, it offers you great advantages in the field of cost.

What Are the Benefits of e-Reconciliation?

  • It enables you to save time and expenses such as telephone and fax by managing your reconciliation processes online over the web.
  • Can resolve disputes related to reconciliations online through the system; It enables to check the completed and approved reconciliations from the portal.
  • It works in harmony with your system.
  • It allows you to make your reconciliations online.
  • It allows the system to automatically send e-mails to companies that do not respond.
  • Invoicing retrospectively, preventing the loss of incoming/outgoing invoices.
  • It simplifies your processes with detailed reporting.
  • It ensures that outgoing reconciliation letters and incoming replies are official by making your posts over the KEP system.

How Does the e-Reconciliation System Work?

e-Reconciliation is a fast and secure system that keeps financial transactions between companies and customers electronically. Thanks to the e-Reconciliation system, you will not make paper agreements all the time, and you will be able to do all of these easily from the system, so you will protect the nature by not wasting paper. Thanks to the e-Reconciliation system, your data transfer is easy and quick, which saves you time. In addition to these, it has many advantages such as providing data integrity, reducing transaction costs and providing full integration.

SAP e-Reconciliation Types

SAP e-Reconciliation types are divided into five as BA reconciliation application, current reconciliation application, IS reconciliation application, audit reconciliation application and Business Partner Reconciliation.

are separated. It is a method that follows the debt-credit relationship over the payroll of the companies that carry out their work together at the end of the year and provides information about this process. BA/BS reconciliation, on the other hand, is the process by BA companies of invoices received at a price of 5000 TL or more in a company. These forms are prepared every month and taken to the tax office.

Frequently Asked Questions About e-Reconciliation

What Is e-Reconciliation

Making and recording reconciliation talks within companies in a digital environment is called e-Reconciliation.

Who Can Use the e-Reconciliation System?

All large and small companies and businesses that want to carry out e-Reconciliation transactions electronically can use the e-Reconciliation system.

Does the e-Reconciliation System Work Integrated with SAP?

Our e-Reconciliation system can be used in integration with SAP. It can also be used as Non-SAP in desired situations.

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