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What is e-Signature?

e-Signature is an electronic signature circular that is attached to documents created in electronic media and reveals who created, approved and signed the document.
e-Signature, which is equivalent to wet signature in accordance with Law No. 5070, is attached to a document in the electronic environment and determines who is the signer.

What Are The Advantages Of e-Signature?

Legal validity

e-Signature has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

Secure information

e-Signature shows that the information sent in electronic transactions has not changed and belongs to the sender.

Guarantee Method

e-Signature guarantees that it cannot be denied.

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Required Documents for e-Signature Application

The e-signature application is divided into two as individual and corporate. For individual e-Signature application, original identity card and official identity document are required. For the corporate e-Signature application, the original of the activity document obtained from the Trade Registry Office is required, however, documents with a photograph such as identity card, passport or driver's license are required.

Benefits of Using e-Signature

E-Signature is the signing of a specific document and keeping it electronically. Thanks to e-Signature, you can easily identify who has the signature added to the document. With e-Signature, you can complete your transactions in a much shorter time. The integrity of your data is protected, no changes are made without your permission. e-Signature offers you reliability, your e-Transformation projects are done safely in electronic environment. Electronic signature is actively used in many areas such as holdings, universities, large organizations and public institutions.

How Do e-Signature Processes Proceed?

The e-Signature processes basically proceed as follows;

First, an application for e-signature is made and the approval process begins.
Approval processes for payment orders to be worked with the e-Signature system begin,
Work orders are planned and prepared,
Approval processes are carried out for purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions About e-Signature?

How to get e-Signature?

First, log in to the e-government authentication system page. Then click on the box that says e-signature. Then write your TR ID number in the blank field below and click the “Continue” button.

Is e-Signature Free?

In the e-Government authentication system, no specific fee is charged for signature. However, it is known that there is a certain fee by GSM operators.

Can Anyone Get e-Signature?

Anyone who wishes personally can apply for e-Signature.

How Many Years Is e-Signature Valid?

E-Signature certificates are valid for 3 years for Turkish citizens and 1 year for foreign citizens.

Can e-Signature be Used with SAP?

The e-Signature system can be used with SAP integration. It offers completely fast and uninterrupted service.

What Formats Support e-Signature?

The formats that can be used in the e-Signature solution; PDF, CMS, XAdES formats.

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