efaturaThis is a system through which firms manage work processes over the internet for their dealers, services, suppliers, and customers. Web applications are integrated with ERP system

Web applications fully integrated with ERP system

Web applications operate integrated with ERP system and enable businesses to improve and manage business processes. Under B2B, your dealers can easily find products they wish to order with the help of advanced search engine and place orders. You can share stock information, product prices and campaigns with all your customers and sales employees over B2B system.

At the same time, each customer can see his current account, invoice details and balance, may take statement of account himself. It allows you to ensure control for after sales service. With B2B applications, you can modernize your business processes with new technologies, increase your competitive power and reduce costs.

Our Capabilities
  • You can query your online stock situations.
  • You can determine exchange rate and manage sales at the rate determined.
  • You can follow daily sales reports online.
  • You can integrate Virtual Pos Applications of banks to your B2B system and make online collections with credit cards.
  • You can fully integrate with commercial software.
  • You can use several product visuals.
  • You can make campaign management.
  • You can ensure easy data transfers thanks to Xml integrations.
  • You can determine courier charges.
  • You can use multilanguage option.
  • You can cause your dealers create Online Orders.
  • You can use basket creation system
  • You can follow risk management of your dealers online.
  • You can soundly make and report interdepartmental information management at your firm.
  • You can post information and send messages over the system to all users at your B2B system.
Our Targets
  • Enabling businesses to compete at domestic and international markets at less cost, using human resources efficiently.
  • Creating opportunity to reach numerous customers effectively and swiftly, without incurring high costs with e-commerce from business to business.
  • Creating a commerce space where companies and investors having features envisaged by the system can do business with confidence.
  • Enabling a businessman to easily reach product needed.